The motto of this project was the phrase “this is very graphic.” The investor wanted the interior to be achromatic, black and white, only warmed up by the color of the floor and kitchen countertop. Strong, characterful black elements, combined with white walls and abstract graphics on the wall, made this interior truly #graphic.

The symbol of this project, for me, is a bold black frame with a bright, minimalist interior. This frame is defined by the black, textured wall of the kitchen unit, the corner sofa, and the built-in area around the TV with a mirror. Its interior undoubtedly features a black and white checkered rug and a light-built kitchen island.

The essence of this project was time. The investors could only move out of the apartment for a week, which meant that electrical changes, hydraulic connections, tile replacement, and disassembly had to be done very quickly and flawlessly.

The carpentry was pre-made, and only the blinds were adjusted on-site to ensure that the furniture fit perfectly into the niche, along with the countertop.

Three favorite elements of this project are: the abstract, red-pink-yellow art on the wall, which enlivens the entire space and adds color to it. The foldable kitchen countertop, which, when unfolded, can effectively serve as a work desk, and a beautiful, massive steel mirror on the wall.