Sonia Kwiatkowska



Architecture is my passion, but also a mission. Every project I undertake is to create a better shaped and designed world. I am accustomed to working in a variety of scales – from huge masterplans and public utility buildings to small housing projects and commercial logos.




Science and mathematics have never been a challenge for me. The word „integral” does not sound like a black magic, however I had, for sure, lost some of my skills. Despite that my scientific background helps me with a logical and analytical approach towards architecture. I am not afraid of parametric design and creating algorithms, I also have some experience in programming and designing websites.




I am a sculptor, a photographer and a painter. I have experience in every aspect of art – I had cut and glued precise models, worked with linocut matrices and painted ethereal watercolors. Since March 2017 I have also been singing as a soprano in the Choir of the Academy of the Fine Arts in Kraków. Art helps me get a new, creative perspective during the design process and defines a different approach towards architecture.